Our design partners do incredible work.

Our partners help us look good thanks to their great eye for design and attention to the informational architecture of a website. Take a look at just some of the sites we’ve been privileged to be a part of and the designers who built them.


Design: Membio
URL: membio.com
Launch: August 2022

Invest Forward

Design: Ross Hogin
URL: investforward.us
Launch: July 2022

Muse Global

Design: Ross Hogin
URL: museglobalschoolca.com
Launch: March 2022

Transformational Partnership Fund

Design: Ross Hogin
URL: higheredpartnerships.org
Launch: April 2021

Muse Virtual

Design: Ross Hogin
URL: musevirtualschool.com
Launch: March 2021


Design: Albert Treskin
URL: madrona.com
Launch: March 2021

Kathy Fridstein

Design: After the Image
URL: kathyfridstein.com
Launch: February 2021

Insodo Seattle

Design: Ross Hogin
URL: www.insodoseattle.com
Launch: November 2020

ISS Automotive

Design: Locus
URL: issautomotive.com
Launch: January 2020

Kyla Kombucha

Design: Locus
URL: kylakombucha.com
Launch: July 2019

Urban Renaissance Group

Design: Somelab
URL: urbanrengroup.com
Launch: May 2019

Sesil Pir

Design: Hulya Akca
URL: sesilpir.com
Launch: January 2019

Subotnick Packaging

Design: Locus
URL: 4boxes.com
Launch: October 2018

Bear Mountain Capital

Design: Somelab
URL: bearmountaincapital.com
Launch: July 2018

Canyon Creek Investment Fund

Design: Somelab
URL: canyoncreekinvestments.com
Launch: July 2018


Design: GKD
URL: maveron.com
Launch: February 2018

Jazz Everyone

Design: Somelab
URL: jazzeveryone.com
Launch: January 2018

East Seattle Partners

Design: GKD
URL: eastseattlepartners.com
Launch: December 2017

T Anthony Jewelers

Design: Brett Schwager
URL: tanthonyjewelers.com
Launch: April 2017

The Skeptical Scientist

Design: Plaid Tractor
Launch: TBA

Poetry on Buses

Design: Somelab
URL: poetryonbuses.org
Launch: April 2017


Design: Somelab
URL: loopforyoursoil.com
Launch: May 2017

Genstar Capital

Design: GKD
URL: gencap.com
Launch: October 2016

Whirling Chief

Design: Hulya Akca
URL: whirlingchief.com
Launch: June 2016


Design: GKD
URL: jmi.com
Launch: April 2016

Retina Consultants

Design: Kick Spark
URL: rcseattle.com
Launch: January 2016


Design: Turnstyle
URL: treehouseforkids.org
Launch: September 2016


Design: Turnstyle
URL: pugetsoundcollections.com
Launch: November 2016

NW Children’s Fund

Design: Turnstyle
URL: nwcf.org
Launch: December 2016


Design: Somelab
URL: touchstonenw.com
Launch: May 2015


Design: Stoke/Turnstyle
URL: callisons.com
Launch: October 2015

Rainier Fruit

Design: Turnstyle
URL: rainierfruit.com
Launch: September 2014